Memories and written work from your student days can be found in many of the collections listed below.

1959 Boiling Pot yearbook cover with steam rising from a cauldron.


Boiling Pot, OrangeZest, and other yearbooks

(1896 – 2021)

Baby Books

Yearbooks of first year and transfer students

(Class of 1963 – Class of 1997)

Front page issue of The Index student newspaper from 2014 showing a photo of students protesting.

Student Newspaper

Issues of The Index

(1877 – 2019)

Cover of the 1987 Summer issue of The Cauldron showing two green trees.

Literary Magazine

The Cauldron

(1962 – present)

Cover of the 2009-10 issue of Passage showing a skyline with architectural domes.

Study Abroad Magazines

The Atlas and Passage

(1991 – 2018)

Cover of 2013 issue of Naked Magazine showing a horse.

Other Publications

Music magazine, student handbooks, press releases, and more!