SIP Research

Many students over the years have completed research for their SIPs in the College Archives, and it’s not just students in the History Department who use the Archives! Below are some examples of these SIPs.


“A Gaudy Rome or an Innocent Eden” : Early 20th Century Portraiture from the Kalamazoo College Collection


Assessment and Management Forecast of the “Grove”, an Urban Forest Fragment on the Campus of Kalamazoo College


Visualizing Campus Throughout Time: Building a Web App Using the College Archives


Black on White : The Story of the Black Student Organization at Kalamazoo College in the Late 1960s


Black Power and the Black Student Organization at Kalamazoo College

The Civil War and Kalamazoo: Community and Conflict

Perceptions of an American National Geographic Journalist Abroad: Maynard Owen Williams and the Haardt-Citroen Expedition

“Stars of Orange and Black”: Memorialization of the Great War in Kalamazoo

“They Died That the Nation Might Live” : Kalamazoo College and its Fallen Civil War Soldiers


Reading Religion in the 19th Century: Kalamazoo College and Baptist Missions


Contact the Archivist if you have an idea for a SIP and you want to know if there are relevant materials in the Archives. Below are some possible SIP topics:

  • 19th Century Photography in Kalamazoo
  • Baptist Missionaries
  • Founding of the Women’s Studies Department
  • Women’s Athletics and Title IX in the 1970s

Senior Integrated Projects are archived on the college’s digital archive CACHE. To look at other examples of SIPs, browse through the Academic Departments, Programs and SIPs community.