Student Organizations

Your Group’s Records

Interested in learning more about the history of your student organization or a campus event? First look to see if there is information in the Student Organizations, Activities, and Awards community on the college’s digital archive CACHE. If you don’t find any information on CACHE, stop in the Archives to see if there are files that have not yet been digitized. The Archivist can also show you how to do research in college publications such as The Index, yearbooks, and alumni magazines to learn more about your student group.

Saving Your Records

To help out future members of your student organization, consider sending materials to the College Archives on a regular basis.

What To Save

  • Constitutions and mission statements
  • Event flyers, posters, programs, or other promotional materials
  • Member handbooks
  • Scrapbooks and photographs
  • Publications produced by your group
  • Meeting minutes
  • Videos of your group’s events
  • Certificates of recognition
  • Memorabilia such as t-shirts and buttons
  • Organizational histories and reports
  • “When in doubt, don’t throw it out!” Ask the archivist for advice about specific items.

Other Tips

  • Save images as TIFFs; the JPEG format is also acceptable.
  • Save documents as PDFs.
  • Designate a member of your student group to regularly transfer materials to the Archives, either at the end of each quarter or the end of the academic year.

Arrange a Group Visit

The College Archivist is happy to host student organization meetings in the Archives to learn about their history or other topics of interest. Contact the Archivist to set up a time to visit.